.NET Hosting

Made for developers, by developers

  • .NET and .NET Core
  • Support for .NET applications
  • 2 SQL Server databases
  • Provisioned on Windows Server
€ 14
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  • .NET and .NET Core
  • Support for .NET applications
  • 2 SQL Server databases
  • Provisioned on Windows Server

Default composition

  • 8 CPU cores container
  • 2 databases
  • Wildcard SSL certificate
  • DNS management
  • 10 GB RAM
  • 12 weeks back-up
  • 5 GB email space
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • 10 GB NVMe storage
  • Unlimited sub domains
  • 20 GB data traffic
  • Latest language versions

It’s all about .NET

Vevida.dev .NET Hosting gives you access to our web servers with a complete .NET environment. Choose the version of .NET you need for your project and start hosting your application right away. Vevida.dev supports both the .NET Framework and the .NET Core. We will take care of the configuration and maintenance of the webservers. So you are ready to go. Do you have any question? Our developers gladly be of any assistance via chat, e-mail or telephone. You might also like to visit our FAQ-section.

Managed containers

Safe and scalable

Your code is executed in a well-equipped container in our Windows-based platform. You get 8 cores and 10 GB of RAM at your disposal. Do you need more? No problem! You store your code in your 10GB local file storage based NVMe disks and you store your data in our fast dedicated SQL Server cluster. Of course your application will be served by IIS, based on the most recent Windows Server edition.

No more maintenance

Let us do the work

No more patching and updating. We ensure you that your web servers, database servers and containers are always up-to-date. The beauty of it all? We plan our server maintenance at nighttime. So your application won’t suffer from any real downtime. With .NET Hosting you get all the benefits of a VPS, without the disadvantages.

Always a back-up

Because data loss is not cool

Backups of your code and data is vital. That’s why we make a complete backup of your code and your data. Every night! And every Sunday we make a backup that we keep for up to 12 weeks. Of course it’s possible to restore those backups in our portal MyVevida. It’s quick and super easy.

Includes the best support

We know what we are talking about

Need help with the hosting of your .NET application? Ask our developers via chat, e-mail or telephone. You might also take a look at our extensive FAQs. Or give us a call. We’ve got over 20 years of experience. We know what we are talking about.

A free SSL certificate

Of course it’s included. And btw, it’s TLS

Our .NET Hosting includes a free TLS certificate. We include a Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificate. So your domain and subdomains are protected. Of course we make sure to automatically renew the certificate every three months. If you prefer an Extended Validation certificate, let us know.

Domain names and DNS

Because https:\\[2a00:f60::1:204] is so ugly

A web product is not complete without one or more domain names. That’s why each hosting package comes with at least one domain name. And if you want to change something in the domain zone? Just add or adjust those records easily in our portal MyVevida.

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