About us

Vevida has been hosting websites, web applications and APIs for all kinds of companies, individuals and organizations for over 20 years now. And – of course – all the while we also host applications for ourselves. Most of them are publicly available and wel known: MyVevida, our order system and our webmail. These applications are developed and deployed by our own developers.

Nowadays, web development looks very different than it did 20 years ago. With the knowledge of today and the technology of today, Vevida is taking a new step in the field of web hosting. Web hosting today, that is Vevida.dev. Made by developers, for developers.

Hosting is everywhere

 Modern cash register systems communicate with a backend in which products, prices and stocks are kept. TV screens in stores show video images from a streaming server. Reservation systems place bookings directly with hotels, airlines and car rental companies. And almost every app on your phone retrieves information via the internet, whether it’s Google Maps or a game. HTTPS is used everywhere. Everyone works in the cloud. Hosting is everywhere.

Hosting at Vevida.dev

The Vevida.dev hosting platform is local storage, SQL-based databases and application code containers. Lighter than VPS, optimized for your application and managed, so always up-to-date. Our stack consists of ultramodern hardware, combined with the latest software. Fast and reliable, with 8 cores and 10GB RAM per container. Combined with excellent support, Vevida.dev is an unbeatable hosting party.


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